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Concept & Service Design

Guidesi turns your business idea to a service, making sure that your customers goals and needs are met, and your service talks to the right target audience.

User Experience Design

Guidesi designs your product or service to be usable, intuitive, engaging and fun to use. We include your company brand to the user interface and make it attractive!

Visual Design

Visual design is a powerfull tool to enhance your products or services user experience and market your company. You get also print and illustration design work. Order your logo, look & feel, brochures or presentations from Guidesi!

Interactive and engaging experiences

Utilizing know-how on the latest commercial technologies in new experimental interaction, Guidesi adds that extra engaging element to your service or exhibition.

Example projectsGo to portfolio

Some of Guidesi's designs and projects. See more examples at portfolio or contact us!

Jevelo mobile app
Mobile app usability

UI concepting and usability consultation.

Corporate visual identity

Logo design and corporate visual style for startup Fortecon Ltd.

OneButton application graphics

Visual style and logo for time tracking service OneButton.

Jevelo mobile app
Laukonkartano website look&feel

Graphic design for Laukonkartano travel site.

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Corporate visual identity

Graphic design and visual identity for startup website, brochures and marketing materials.

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Visual identity

Logo, visual ID and website for art school.

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Mascot design

Design for a Tampere City mascot for a municipal election candidates election campaign.

Print designs
Print Design

Graphs visualisation & pdf design for scientific study for Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.